Time Is the Most Precious Commodity in the World

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

Time is the most precious commodity in the world. Each minute passed is a minute gone – forever! So once you have decided to start a new life abroad in your dream destination, why wait? You should be there now enjoying your dream life.

So what is holding you back? You may have to sell your property first and you have put your property on the market for an estate agent to sell it for you.

Do you realise how long it takes to sell a property through an agent? The whole process of selling through an agent could be unpredictable and stressful. Your buyer could just pull out right before you exchange contracts. You need to concern about people coming to view your property everyday and you have to maintain the property in optimum condition all the time. Generally, if you sell your property through an agent, you are exposed to all kinds of factors which are outside your control and you can easily waste six to eight months of your life to do with it.

You might already have moved abroad to start your new life, however, your property back home has not yet been sold. You are depending on an agent to take care of your property and inform you of the progress. You spend every day in their dream home abroad in anticipation of that phone call from the agent and solicitor. At the same time, you might be paying two mortgages. For many of us, this is simply inaccessible especially for those who have lost a steady income from regular work. Being abroad and watching the mortgage payments eat into the savings is not a good experience. You could be enjoying your life abroad, but you are worried about when that sale is going to happen.

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Buyer Agency Agreements – An Overview

More than ever before, real estate brokers are promoting the use of buyer agency agreements — a contract stating that the broker will represent the buyer as his agent and that the broker’s job is to find a suitable property for the buyer.

Because these agreements are legally binding and give the broker specific authority, buyers should fully understand their rights and responsibilities before signing on the dotted line.

These agreements are promoted as giving buyers a stronger level of representation due to the fiduciary relationship they create. Once the agreement is signed, the broker must champion the buyer’s interest every step of the way.

Three types of buyer agency agreements are used by today’s realtors:

1.Exclusive buyer agency agreement (or exclusive right to represent)

With this completely exclusive agency agreement, the buyer is legally bound to compensate the agent at the time when the buyer purchases any property of the same type as described in the contract. Regardless of whether he or she locates the property, the broker is entitled to payment. Even if the buyer finds the property on is own, the agent is still owed payment.

2.Exclusive-agency buyer agency agreement

Similar to an exclusive buyer agency agreement, this exclusive contract is between the agent and the buyer. But with this type of agreement, a limit is placed on the broker’s right to payment; the broker is entitled to payment only if he or she actually finds the property that the buyer purchases. Therefore, the buyer is free to locate a suitable property with no obligation to pay the agent.

3.Open buyer agency agreement

This is a nonexclusive agency contract between a buyer and a broker permitting the buyer to enter into similar agreements with an unlimited number of other brokers. Only the broker who actually locates the property that the buyer eventually purchases is entitled to compensation.

Before entering into a buyer agency agreement, there are some important considerations for the broker and buyer to discuss. First of all, the broker should make the same disclosures to the buyer that he or she would make to a seller in a listing agreement. The buyer should fully understand the three types of agency available and the parties rights and responsibilities under each of them. This means that the broker should clearly explain the specific services provided to a buyer-client entering into each type of agreement.

In addition, the matter of compensation must be discussed in detail. For instance, buyer’s agents may be paid a flat fee for services, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the final purchase price. In some cases, an agent may request a retainer fee upon signing the agreement, in order to cover the initial listing and promotional expenses. This retainer fee may be applied as a credit toward any fees due at the time of closing. A buyer’s agent also may be compensated by sharing the commission that the seller pays.

Buyer agency agreements provide agents a comforting level of reassurance that their efforts will not go unrewarded, motivating them to work even harder for the buyer. Of course, for buyers they must balance provide financial guarantees to agents against the risk of limited or poor performance.

Two Is Company

Wondering how to sell your own property? There are different ways to do it. You can outsource the selling to an agent for a commission. Then there is assisted selling where an agent helps you with the selling at a fixed fee. And, of course, you can sell it on your own without involving a third person.

Although the first two methods offer convenience they cost you money. An agent’s commission is no small sum. You need to pay the agent a % of the total worth of the deal. This can reduce your overall earnings by a large extent.

Assisted selling does not cost much and offers convenience as well.

But for those of you who want the complete control of the sales process and enjoy the earnings, it is best to sell your own property without involving an agent.

It is said that “Two is company and three is a crowd!”?

This saying fits appropriately for selling a property!

For the sale of a property, there should be only two people involved. The buyer and the seller!

The fact remains that some years ago it was not possible because there was no direct communication channel between the two parties.

But not anymore!

Now property sellers can connect with buyers through the internet!

Property selling has become greatly simplified due to the existence of online portals for listing a property for sale.

All that a seller needs to do is list his property on a high-visibility site. He can even list on multiple sites. Listing only means uploading the photographs, description of the property on the website.

Potential buyers will view the listing and connect with the sellers directly. The “third person” or the agent is completely eliminated from the process!

The seller can show his property to the buyer at a time of his convenience and negotiate a price that he finds appropriate.

The main benefit of selling your own property is that you do not have to share the earnings with anyone. Also, in most cases, your property is sold quickly because you have only one property to sell and your entire focus is on the sale.

On the flip side, property selling involves dedicated time and efforts from your side. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the benefits of the deal, you should be prepared to give your 100%.

It is not often that you need to sell your property, so why not give it your personal touch and sell it on your own by eliminating the agent from the deal!

Top Advantages of Using Good Letting Agents

From marketing the property, carrying out inspection, collecting rent to taking care of legal requirements, a specialised agency does everything to save the time and energy of the landlord. Have a look at the top benefits of using the letting service agencies to manage your valuable property:

Take care of all legal requirements and changes

As a landlord there are certain legal requirements that you have to fulfil. The legal requirements frequently changes, so you have to be well aware of the changes to adhere to them. A good letting agency or agent knows legal requirements better than you and always ensures that your property adheres to them. From getting a gas certificate to obtaining an energy performance certificate (EPC), a professional agent does everything to reduce the burden off your shoulders.

Finding suitable renter for your property

The most important job of a good letting agency is to help the owner to find a good tenant. If you have some specific requirements when it comes to tenants like non smokers, students or bachelors, the letting agency is the best one to find you suitable renters for your property. A good agency carefully carries out reference checks and background enquiry of the prospective tenants. With an expert agency on board, you can be assured that the tenants will take good care of your property and pay the rent on time.

Takes care of small repairs and maintenance

A good letting agency has a large network of electricians, plumbers, gardeners, and builders etc. who can fix problems quickly and at a reasonable price. Depending on your agreement with the company, the maintenance charges can be added to the monthly letting agency fees. Professional letting agents will also carry out frequent inspections to ensure that the renter is looking after your property well. With a letting agency at your service, there would be no middle of the night phone calls from your renters!

Property is rented quickly

With a letting agency at your service, you will be able to attract the attention of potential tenants more quickly. The firm can advertise your property to as many as potential renters, through online websites, local news papers, social media etc. The letting agencies also use social media sites like Facebook to market your asset. They know how to click good photos of your property and use them effectively on websites to attract more renters.

With a reputed letting agent at your service, you don’t need to worry at all about your property because it’s all being taken care of by the professionals. So, if you have a property and you are worried about its managements, now it’s time that you shun off all your worries and hire skilled and experienced professionals to shoulder down the responsibility of all your property managements related tasks.

Selling Your House: How Many Estate Agents Do You Need?

A few years back we decided to sell our house and move on to a new area.

One of the first things we did was put a signboard on our window with our telephone number on it so that anyone interested could call us and we could show them the house.

The result was terrible. Estate agents kept on calling saying that they had clients for our house. First you think ‘hey, that is pretty cool’ so the estate agents came to our house by the dozen taking photos and measuring the rooms. We thought we had the house sold.

Months passed and every week one or two newly established estate agents would come to our house and do the same thing. What was funny is that none of them ever came with any clients.

So we thought that maybe the house was too expensive, so we dropped the price and actually spent our time and money calling all these Agents telling them about the price change.

Then we did get clients through them, but I will never understand why we got the same clients through various Estate Agents. If they had already seen the house then why come with another Agent to see it again?

Well it seems this is pretty the norm. They see the house with one and then visit another because they know the Estate Agents usually have the same houses for sale and see it again and try to renegotiate the price.

Why do Estate Agents allow this? Every time we negotiated the price because the Estate Agent said that someone who saw our house wanted to buy it, instead of selling it, we would see the same clients with another Estate Agent. So all that was happening is that we were negotiating with one Agent the price that had already been negotiated with another Agent and they were from different companies.

My advice to anyone selling their house is find an established agent and stick to him. Putting the house for sale in a lot of agents will only gave us headaches and if you do sell the house be prepared to sell it for much less than what you initially asked for.